Three in One Flow<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 1929

Three in One Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1929

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very inspiring!! beautiful work, and the ladies also are great thank you my mentor
Thank you Walter, I am sorry I am missing seeing you in Italy. But I am certain our paths will cross again. All the very best to you.
I am very sorry sad :( i’m looking at the photos and videos live and they’re amazing! There’s a lot of good vibes and Energy! I’m sure we’ll meet very soon! Thank u for everything!!
Fabulous!!! So thankful for you, Rael!
Thank you so much Erin Elizabeth. I am thankful for you all. Much love!
How cool is to have 3 studio classes in one by master Rael Isacowitz, thank you Pilates Anytime.)
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Love this class! Second time around first view on reformer and able to repeat this class now that I have a chair at home. So inspirational to view 3 classes flow so beautifully at once.
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Wow this is so unbelievable Rael is amazing it's so complicated to remember all these well done
Thank you, Elizabeth! The BASI block system has been my guiding structure since early in my career. I developed it around 35 years ago after doing Pilates for about 7 years. I felt that I was missing structure, and this evolved over time (and continues to evolve). Enjoy!
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