Move your Pelvis<br>Michael King<br>Class 1962

Move your Pelvis
Michael King
Class 1962

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wonderful, just wonderful. thank you.
"Inner Harmony"...the sound and movement took me to places longing to be found and released. Thank you, Michael King
You present so effortlessly...
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Thank you for such great comments !
Thank you for such great comments !
simply beautiful class and teaching! thank you!
Great as always Michael. Good to see Malcolm giving the variations also. Thank you! x
way too much fun to be exercise ;)
Thanks you for being so creative !!
Erica V
Michael, you are so charming and funny!
This class was, as we say in Holland: awesome!!!
My holiday 'turkey wings' thank you :) That was really hard but really fun. Thanks.
Love it !Love it! Love it! As a ex-dancer I realize every movement you teach and I admire your way of cuing and inspiring people to execute such choreographically difficult movements.I would like to have one real class with Michael, I believe he is the legend!
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