Invigorating & Precise Flow<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Class 2026

Invigorating & Precise Flow
Deborah Lessen
Class 2026

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Excellent repertoire, loved the easy style of cueing. thank you.x
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So glad to have Deborah on pa. Long time waiting for this to happen. Thanks so much for your attention to detail and information about the way carola did some of the exercises.
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Awesome and such lovely person. Thank you, enjoyed every challenging minute!
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Amazing work.....congrats!
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Fantastic! Beautiful work!
Lynne, we are thrilled to have Deborah on PA and will always want more too! I want to make sure you've seen Deborah's previous shared on Pilates Anytime. If not, check out the link below! Thank you!

Deborah's videos
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well done great job ladies. Deborah is fabulous, great instruction and lovely voice with the very challenging movements make them seam so effortless. we all know different, lol!
????great class! Just watched for,the first time. Will challenge myself tomorrow and take the class, then will share a lot of the movements with my mat class on Monday! It was excellent! Wish I had her sweet voice! ??
The question marks were supposed to be smiley faces! :)
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Kristi you are a joy to watch. Thank you for all your hard work!
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