Gentle Posture and Balance
Sherri Betz
Class 2041

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Thanks so much to Deborah, Tamara, Jocelyn and Lynda. I am so glad you enjoyed the session. Helen was so wonderful to work with!
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Great session thank you! I do wish we have more time to spend with clients in the hospital setting to teach some of these crucial functional movements.
Yes, Suk, you are right, these moves are great for acute care patients. The springs would be very helpful to assist with transfer training!
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Sherri, i love your gentleness, your concern for this lady's comfort, your attention to detail, your cueing, your voice... And i too would like to see more workouts for seniors !!
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Loved sherri ! Having My free days enjoyng Very much ! I Will problebly but it at the and.
Hi Alana,
What did you mean by your last sentence?
Thank you,
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Really enjoyed this Sherri, thank you. Yes, more classes for seniors please PA!
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Thanks so much for this really great video. Chock full of awesome info.
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Really lovely for older person - is this Osteoporosis safe ?
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Thank you for this very informative class. Great explaining and tactile cues. Would love to see more classes by Sherri for seniors. Also wondering if the rotations are gentle enough if client has osteoporosis?
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