Flowing Reformer<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 2055

Flowing Reformer
Mari Winsor
Class 2055

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Mari, thank you for making me smile!
Fantástic class!!
Thank You very much!!
Best reformer workout!!! Thank you Mari! My first Pilates video was yours and eight years later you still inspire me!
Excellent class, very good cues and nice and gentle sense of humour. Thank you Mari!
You have such finesse and are a pleasure to watch....you inspire me
I am an apprentice with USPA
thank you for such a great lesson
i will watch it over and over
Anybody else having trouble with viewing the last six or seven minutes? It is scrambled in the moddle and when I nudge the cursor along, get ilage but jo sound despite reloading several times. Beyond that minor detail what a fabulously encouraging class, with gentle deepness in the cueing and flow. Thank you Mari!
Leslie ~ Thank you for your forum post. I'm not sure why the video is freezing at that point, but we are looking into it. We hope to have it fixed soon. Thank you for letting us know.
Great workout, excellent explanation of exercises
Have done this many times already, but today I just needed to hear Mari's voice, her praise and cues only Mari can do :)
Oksana P
Loved it! Thank you!
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