Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2063

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Courtney you are my favorite instructor! Another amazing class. Thank you.
Did this class again, so athletic!. Love your style Courtney Miller !
wow Courtney Miller you are amazing!!!!!
Thank you for this wonderful work out.
Another great workout from Courtney! It was hard, but your creative ideas and excellent instruction make the class fly by. Would like to see more of you. You are by far, my favorite instructor.
This is great, I love it. Courtney I am waiting for your next video 😀😁
I enjoyed this class and loved how Courtney did Rocking.
Courtney Miller I haven’t done this class in ~3 yrs and it was sooo good and sooo hard.  I couldn’t do 2 moves, the backend with feet out of the straps and the last standing lunch series.... have some work to do.  It highlighted so many imbalances in my body too.  With ally Solidcore classes to get me out of the house around others, really have lost some basic connection and looking forward to getting back into shape with this one ☝🏻!
Challenging and you are so positive! So creative and even though I was sweating and breathing hard- it was FUN! Thank you!
class seemed great at first until the reformer box cam into  play.  I do not have a reformer box, and the class does not say you need a reformer box.  that was a bit annoying to have to stop midway through my pilates routine due to inappropriate description of class. 
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