Reformer Workout
Diane Severino
Class 2097

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I love your energy!
Loved the class and your energy! More reformer classes...Please :)
Absolutely fabulous! Fun and the cuing - I will never forget!!!!
Thank you, Diane!
Gee really this! at times I thought you were in the room with me spotting what I wasn't doing!! you are an extremely talented lady I love your inventions and variations - you have a great name too!
Wonderful !!!!
Diane, I loved this class thank you so much! I felt as if you were next to me instructing me as to what to do.....and your sense of humour is fantastic! I also loved the way you would say things and I was like oops she's talking to me get back up lol........thanks again I'll be back for another class soon:)
OMG Diane, your arabesque is a joy to behold. What an utterly nuts, utterly entertaining session. Thank-you!
I love Diane and this class. Loving Pilates should be fun like this!!!
totally agree with all the comments! fabulous class, entertaining, inspiring and challenging.. brilliant - thanks Diane!
Diane, you are so cute and fun. Love your style. Made me laugh out loud and smile.
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