Short and Simple Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2111

Short and Simple Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 2111

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Sue B
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thank you Monica, exactly that , didn't feel like a full hour but needed a quick 'Fix', great wake up !
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Just what I needed today thanks Monica!
Thank you! No time but needed SOMETHING..
"Lift your neck out of your s.houlders" may have just changed my life
Monica Wilson
So glad to hear it! Romana would always say if all we did was the "Series of 5" in our bed in the morning, we'd stay in good shape!
Thank you Monica just what I needed since i'Ve been very lazy lately
I love these fast paced quick workouts! Perfect for a mid day pick me up! My son loves these too:)
Loved this workout!! Thank you!
Loved this! Perfect pilates workout to pair with a run.
Thanks for all the attention to the details Monica...most of those reminders were needed! :)
This is my go to video when I'm really short on time but want to set my body right for the day
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