Get in your Body and Move<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2123

Get in your Body and Move
Amy Havens
Class 2123

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As always Amy I love your classes.One day soon hopefully I will be able to do full climb a tree:) My low back and hammies are tight
Great class! Learned some new moves. Appreciate the variety of movements.
Perfection! Completely loved this class, Amy. Thank you!
Very fluid. Thank you for keeping things moving and talking while we're moving instead of pausing us to deliver the instructions.As a result it felt like a workout.
I loved switching up arms on the long box. I felt some muscles work that are hard to target otherwise! Great workout, I really enjoyed it!
I really like your work on the reformer. But, what about the pelvis in imprint? What do you think about doing this on neutral position??
Thank u!!
Great class! Fluid, flowing and challenging. I feel very worked out. Thank you:)
Amy I love your style! Its inspiring, challenging and all that good stuff!
Nice class !! Thanks!
ABsolutely love the way you mixed things up and were so creative, Amy. Thank you! Always enjoy your classes.
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