Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2167

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Nice and relaxing, while still working on the essentials. Thanks!
Thank you Marisol!
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I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis to my horrors. This is extremely difficult for me as a Pilates instructor, and former dancer. It is not visible yet, or do I feel it! It is a challenge having to stand up, and teach the more traditional exercises and also warn the osteopenia folks, or those like me. I am trying to embrace it and see the positive side, but am deeply saddened by the fact. With that said, I want to thank you for showing/doing a workout that is safe for those of us who are losing our osteocytes. As others said before me, all the principles were there, and the fun was too! Thanks so much! AmyC.
HI Amy.....Thank you for sharing this news on our forum and I expect others to share my feelings by're in a supported family here! There are so many things you can still do, but certainly, many exercises that now will have to be considered. But no matter what the choices are, you have all the Pilates principles to pull from that will make any choice valid. More standing work, axial elongation, posterior chain and some safe rotation (on the ground) and much more! We're here for you!
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I appreciate that Amy. It is good to know that there are viable options and that people care! I look so look forward to your classes regardless of the osteoporosis!
Thank you Amy!
Fantastic class Amy. Fun too.
Thank you so much.
Thank you Merelle! Glad you found this one fun.....:)
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loved this and looking forward to trying it out with all my classes. I have a lot of people with Osteoporosis which will be great for them but i also think it will make the rest think more about technique and working their centre more! Thank you
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Let me know how it goes Louise . Yes, this is a great class for anyone!
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