Improving Bone Density<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2202

Improving Bone Density
Amy Havens
Class 2202

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Great class! Loved the variations, Thank you!
Thank you so much Sari!
Thank you so much Amy and Patricia! Amy...I really appreciate the detail of your comment on this class, the specific nature of how the work felt in your body and aided you. This is why we teach, right?! Not just to 'workout' but to 'rehab' and gain more balance in our bodies. Thank you!!
AMY You are an instructor with many talents! Love the osteoporosis safe workouts.
Still waiting for some Barre work!
thank you for this creative class! I really enjoyed to do it.
You always make me improve my imagination
Thank you Diana!
Such a clever workout - surprising in every way - really enjoy your classes Amy - thank you
Thank you Diane! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!
Krista O.
Loved the variations! I can see using lots of this with my ladies who could use a good bone workout. :)
Thank you Krista! Yes...this class is very appropriate for bone loading ! Hope they enjoy it!
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