Piece Everything Together
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2266

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This class was so good that I now want to do a class with you every day Benjamin.

You are so precise in your language - even your humour and asides are economical and entirely to the point. What I particularly like is the way that you layer direct, indirect and sound cues throughout. I did not have to look at the screen once.

Other than that this series of 4 lessons is so rich and full of your energy and passion.
Such a sweet comment Megan, thank you so much for your feedback! More to come, let's see if we can grow this series for you to take class everyday ;)
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It is refreshing to see mixed levels in a class, and more guys! Great job Benjamin, keep up the awesome work!
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Keep 'em coming, Benjamin! I am re-inspired every day by the authenticity and care in your approach.
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Really enjoyed this series. Such precise and deep cueing (didn't have to even look at the screen...!). Body feels so good ... Wonderful! Benjamin is a truly gifted teacher.
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I've just started Pilates. Your classes are great for me, lots of clear instruction and reminders about how to get the best out of each exercise. The level is just right. More more more please,
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Marvellous! fabulous! Brilliant!- so enjoyable as well as being hard work! What a great gifted teacher- thank you so much
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I am loving this series of classes. I have enjoyed doing them for myself and going back to basics. I have also taken bits into my classes and have great feedback from my clients. Your cueing is so easy to understand and its good to have new ways of saying things as I am sure my clients switch off as soon as I mention the exercise we are doing!! They are differently concentrating again! Cant wait to see the rest of the series.
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Yes, again! Loving the whole series! Beautiful progressions! Thank you Benjamin!
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Perfect progressive pace and the alternative way to get into teaser. I will look for more of your classes. Thank you!
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