Advanced Tower Flow
MeJo Wiggin
Class 2291

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What an amazing duo!!! Thank you both so much for showing us the possibilities while having SO much fun too!
So nice with the classical flow. My clients (and I) LOVE tower sessions!
We were both trained by Romana, I am so happy to see Romana's energy and playfulness come through in this video!. We had a ball together, pilates should be fun!
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So challenging and beautiful to watch and see the lines and change of energy. And yes, having fun too! Andrea, loved it when your twist teaser was so hard to find on the the one side. That's what pilates is all about. Mejo, you inspire and bring such great energy. You are both awesome.
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Super class! Loved watching one of my Classical mentors in play with Andrea. I get the joy of taking from her, so it's a joy to see her working with MeJo!
Mejo, wowwwww ! this class and your teaching made me excited to discover the tower again !!! Thank you Pilates Anytime ..your site is a gift to all of us who love our pilates!!
Love this class and your energy Mejo, a lot of Fun!! Can't wait to see more tower classes!!
I'm so glad you are enjoying this class. Tower is my favorite class to teach! Soon many possibilities, I stick somewhat to the Classical order then figure it out as I go. Of course, Andrea was the star student to work with, we had so much fun.
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awesome blossom! so strong. esp loved monkey with sgl leg! wait, that teaser to swimming to teaser - yowza. thank you thank you!
Thank you so much for TOWER class. Very much enjoy this work. Mejo, you make it fun. Pilates Anytime, please bring more Tower time :)
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