Advanced Tower Flow
MeJo Wiggin
Class 2291

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Thanks so much that was awesome and so much fun! My clients are going to love the classic flow.
Wonderful. Great explanations. Loved this workout.
Loved it!
Wonderful class! Love the flow from the mat to the tower. Nice positive energy too. :)
Very beautiful to watch. Could be very inspiring for pilates instructors. It should be mentioned before one starts the exercises that a spotter or instructor is needed to do a lot of these exercises.
Nice workout but to much laughing from the instructor, hard to concentrait on workout!
Great class with two of my favorite instructors!
Thank you for making my morning so special. I adapt tower videos to my springboard at home and this was perfection!
Fantastic energy as always Mejo. Love this class, especially the saw....feels great :)
What an amazing class!! Both, teacher and student did an excellent job! I had to interrupt my (non Pilates!) Huby several times to show him parts of of this beautiful video. BRAVO! 👏
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