Archetypal Postures
Phillip Beach
Workshop 2310

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Malak ~ Thank you for your forum post. When you go to the workshop on the site, there will be a Buy Now button above the video. This is not available on the app, so you will have to be logged in to the site to see it. I hope you enjoy this workshop!
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Thank you so much for providing this workshop! And thank you Phillip for making such an important contribution available. I am enjoying these postures so much. And so are my clients!
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This is probably one of the best workshops I have seen on pilates anytime. It really bring in a fundamental aspect of what we are trying to achieve for our clients. Functionality!!! More of this please.
Gia - ( I know we cannot do this with classes) but is it possible to download this workshop and view it offline? as it is over 2 hrs long?
Diana ~ Unfortunately we do not offer the option to download workshops at this time. It is on our list of projects for the near future to work on limited downloads with the iOS app.
Fantastic workshop on moving the body as a whole and functional posture. Great concepts and application for rehabilitation and creating a truly well-tuned body. Thank you for including Phillip's work here, would love to see more!
Would love to see more like this. Thank you Phillip .
Dear PA. Could you give an update on downloads on iOS for workshops. We are now 8 months on which presumably means we are getting there in terms of the near future. Love your workshops and would love them so much more if I could have them on hand to watch when travelling and no wifi... Watching a workshop is by far my preferred type of video viewing at, for example an airport or pool. When your techs look at this could they also give the option to delete one video at a time when managing a download list. We are limited to 5 downloads (which is fine), but it appears the only way to remove a single video from the download list is to sign out, lose everything and start again from scratch (please correct me if I'm wrong!!!). Thanks.
Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you, Philip for bringing this information to PA. Please, more.
I am so thankful for PA, the amazing classes and workshops you provide. Thank you.
Dear Moderators. Any update on the comment made back in June (following on from Diana's request in this thread last year). There were 2 points raised. (1) Update on when we can download workshops, and (2) how we can remove a single video from the download list without having to sign out and lose everything. Thanks, David.
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