Active Aging Stability
Erika Quest
Class 2316

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Thank you Erica for sharing this class. I have done the BOSU Active Ager workshop with Lawrence and it is to good to see the practice done with the Cadillac. I have an 84 year old gentleman that does pilates with me twice a week and this is going to be our new program! Any suggestions for lying on a 'big' tummy?
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Hi Deb! That's great! Lawrence work is SO amazing and I've done a new "add on" to his certification which is also research based and doing VERY well in workshop format with Betty in 2015 - 2016. I would suggest limit prone work if it's uncomfortable, or elevate if you can. Perhaps changing some of the games to seated vs prone would be a good strategy as well. Thanks for watching and taking class!
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This was great! You have a really nice/kind way of communicating your info. Thank you!
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I really like how you challenge the Active Ager's brain at the same time as the body. Really informative with how you explain the value of these movements for the Active Agers. Thank you! Looking forward to watching and learning more!
Thanks so much, Jeannene and Patricia! I just love working with these strategies with my older adult clients. They appreciate the results, too! Much love, Erika
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This was awesome I got some great ideas for my active agers!!!! Loved the spelling bees :)
Hi Elizabeth! Thank you. Helen was so lovely to work with and I just enjoy teaching and working with Active Agers. Glad you got some ideas and took class! Much love, Erika
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Love these lessons. I have so many "active aging" clients and this will work so well for them. Thank you Erika.
Oh that's great, Sandra! I'm glad you took class and will utilize for sure. All my best, Erika
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So nice to that there is content on PA for everyone! Thank you for the series as it is so rarely demonstrated.
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