Mat Workout
Brett Howard
Class 2322

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Yay!!!!! Brett is back Thank you for a tough amazing class that flew by
The Master does it again!
Film more Brett! More Brett!
Please? :D
It was a killer ( at some point) great class!
I missed Brett's laugh at the first 10 minutes or so, it always puts me in a good mood
Thank you Brett!
WOW! Awesome and challenging!
Fantastic workout. Loved the added beats and holds to increase intensity. Thank you.
Someone has been playing with Blossom. I see lots of Kathy Grant in this class. You devil Brett.
abs a wonderful class!
Really wonderful class! THANK YOU! I love Brett's personality!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fast pace!!! Just what I needed!!! I feel GREAT now!!!!!!
Excellent!!! Thank you, Brett.
That was a fun, yet challenging workout!
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