Applying Aston Kinetics  <br>Judith Aston<br>Tutorial 2324

Applying Aston Kinetics
Judith Aston
Tutorial 2324

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Roberto Cerini
Well, again an interesting and moving class. I hope new classes with some "alien" techniques and methods are going to land here! You should create a specific series about this cross-over approach. Phillip Beach, Tom Myers, Judith Aston are good, but what about Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Alexander and on and on?
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Thank you, Pilates Anytime, for being willing to bring us not just effective exercises but effective concepts.
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Thank for sharing this experience Kristi Cooper! It was MARVELOUS. I just spent 6 days in Tahoe learning from Judith, again, and I can't say enough about her. Her concepts are Linchpin for any movement, whether it is getting a cup in a cupboard, chopping veggies, yoga, massage, driving, you name it. I look forward to more! woohoo!
Thank you it was interesting!!! Open words!Thanks
Talk about mind to body energy and connection! I love Judith's message that our bodies are not static so we have to constantly tweak it. So powerful in an unexpected way. Totally understood where Kristi was coming's all good! Thank you for teaching me that.
I'm thrilled you enjoyed this tutorial. I think Judith is so effective and fun to learn from. So much so that I've invited her back! Be sure to check out Judith's class too! Aston Kinetics
Brilliant piece ladies. Thank you for sharing this moment indeed. Although I cannot do this exercise quite like Kristi, it gives me something to shoot for. I want to know if you have been doing this every day Kristi, and I am thinking this is a great movement for anyone who has had lung stuff. Great work.
What a beautiful lesson and moment captured. Pilates is a gift to the body.
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There's so much content released on here I couldn't possibly keep up with it all so I'm happy Judith Aston was on my radar after I recently re-listened to her January 2015 interview with Brooke Thomas on the Liberated Body podcast. She talks about working with Dr. Ida Rolf -- that might be of interest to you Roberto Cerini since you mentioned a Rolfing perspective in your post.
Hi Maggie,
i happen to agree with you and Robert. I will create a place for them that is clearly marked. I may even make a program that is specifically Aston Kinetics as it relates to Pilates. Judith was here last weekend and she rocked my Pilates notions again! Look for new content from her in about 6 weeks (maybe sooner)! Thank you both for the great suggestion!
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