Wunda Chair Basics<br>Meredith R. & Kristi C.<br>Class 2336

Wunda Chair Basics
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2336

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Thanks for playing with us ladies!
And for sharing your feedback.
Much love to you all.
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Perfect....great way to de-demonize the chair. She is a mighty beast. Thank you!
I'm a little scared of the chair too, Jennifer!
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Kristi & Meredith, I keep coming back to this class over and over, and find myself thinking about it during the day. For my body, right now in time, it is the perfect blend of what I need to feel healthy and relatively pain free. Thank you, again, for this gift. I'm off to do the class now!
Thank you Summer!
So glad you like it Summer!
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Hi Kristi & Meredith, so wonderful to take class from you both! Just lovely!! Thank you!
Hey YOU! Hope to see you in person sooner than later. xoxo
Great to have you back "in class" Erin! xo
Patty Hafen
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Loved it, especially the side over work.
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