Wunda Chair Basics
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2336

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just what I needed this morning thanks gals !m
Great workout - thank you!
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Sometimes it's just so right to go back to the basics.
And yes, I agree, some exercises were so tough!
Enjoyed it really, thank you both!
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Kristi's sequence on the floor with a stable pelvic curl was a serious challenge for me! Thanks for the deep work, ladies. I'm definitely coming back to this class again and enjoyed it immensely.
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Great class! I always get excited when a new Kristi & Meri class goes up :)
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Nice quick workout when I am short of time. Thanks for your great cues!
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Return of the teaching duet! The shoulder work while on the Moonbox (23 minute mark) is really interesting.
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These two ladies rock! Love their energy and synergy!
Summer and Hydie, I think both of the moments you highlight are really specific to what we learned from Rael Isacowitz during our BASI training. I know Joseph did the shoulder work, but that he sat on the floor without moonbox (and probably on a different sized chair), I'm really not sure about the stable pelvis work. That strikes me as something Rael would create for the purposes of a client, but I'm not sure. In any case, glad you like them!
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Love the duet teaching!! Thanks!
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