Shoulder Mechanics
Sherri Betz
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Fabulous!! So helpful since there are so many people with shoulder issues! Thank you Sherri, it is so great to have you as a teacher!
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Thanks, Sherri! That is a great tutortial! I look forward to seeing more!

Paula Grider
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Amazing tutorial
I would love to see a tutorial from Sherri for clients with bulge or herniated disc L4 L5 area of the spine
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Clarification on the "fingers only" grip on the towel is a gem.
Thank you.
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Awesome !
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Simply Amazing...Sherri Thank you once again for a great tutorial and targeting better positioning for the shoulder. I will be studing this one a few more times, because of much needed clarity and function for the shoulder!
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Thanks so much to all of you for your positive feedback!
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Excellent tutorial so many people have these issues with the shoulder girdle
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Really clear tutorial. The hands on with Q's were spot on! Thank you
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Hi Sherri , really appreciate your tutorial, thank you
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