Restorative Reformer
Cara Reeser
Class 2375

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Great class Cara. Even more excited now to see you in Phila. in a few weeks!
I loved the first five minutes of this class, and then my video feed through Roku froze and started hiccupping. I could not play the remainder of the workout. Has anyone else had this problem? (I really look forward to completing it; Cara is one of my favorites!)
My video keeps freezing as well. I'm on a mobile device though hmmm
Amy and Stacy ~ I'm sorry you are both having trouble with this video freezing. I recommend restarting your devices to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
Fun class. Great reminder of some of the simple exercises are so great! Thank you
loved this class!. . My body really liked warming up the shoulder girdle and back body before footwork. Made a big difference for me. Thanks!
So DISAPPOINTING! Not the class which I guess would have been great but the NETWORK errors that interrupted the class six times until I couldn't bear going back, stopping, readjusting. This doesn't ever happen with my laptop. This is my second class after taking a break from Pilates Anytime and I have to say if this continues, I will not. having great videos you can't watch is useless. So disappointed.
Helen, I am so sorry about this. Email them at Pilates Anytime and I am sure they will do what they can to help. I appreciate your post.
Helen, there is nothing more frustrating than trying workout or watch a video when he keeps stopping. If you have closed programs you are using and restarted your computer recently and are still having this problem, please email Gia at and she will further try to troubleshoot for you.
Helen ~ I'm sorry you were having trouble with this video. We have made an update to our video player which might be causing the problem. I recommend switching back to our old video player till we have fixed all of the bugs. You can do this under Video Player Options. Please email us at if you continue to have trouble.
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