Energetic Reformer<br>John Garey<br>Class 2383

Energetic Reformer
John Garey
Class 2383

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Many thanks John.
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Great class! Interesting to see Stott equipment used. Thank you for explaining the difference in springs,and excellent teaching.
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My first class with you! Great class! Thank you:)
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Great to see John Garey on Pilates Anytime! Excellent class.
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Love John Garey!! Great class!!
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Excellent instruction! Great class! Thank you.
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I was so excited when I checked in with PA this morning and saw that John now has a Reformer workout here!!!!! It was like having him with me in my home studio. And to have the workout done on the STOTT reformer really made it feel like home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste, I am on my way to a wonderful day after working out with John and his team.
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I love that John is on PA as he is one of my favorite instructors.
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Next time with the Stability Chair pleeeeeease. Love you John.
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Excellent teaching!! Love all the variations!! Great class
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