Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2454

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Thank you girls! Happy New Year! I love pilates anytime and you two! Please, more classes!!!!
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Loved the shoulder/arm + spinal movement pairings at the end. I am always telling my clients that they don't need weight to feel their arms working! Thanks for new inspiration!
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As usual, Meredith makes me smile and sweat at the same time. Her cues are always right on target. And I love opening the curtains! Great way to start the year.
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Great energy thanks Meredith! Here's to 2016
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my compliments to you!
the flow, the demonstration, the cueing!
and the after affect of your instruction are ultimate!
Thank you to you all for playing with us.
We love you!
Kristi and I are both wearing tops from Athleta and my pants are made by them as well. Kristi's pants are Elisabetta Rogiani.

Miss you mucho!!
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I've been waiting for that work-out! Thanks! Perfect for me.
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happy new year beautiful ladies...simple and wonderful workout...thank u meredith
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Excellent short workout! Thank you.
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