Breastbone Breathing
Deborah Lessen
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Absolutely great cueing, not only the image and lexicon but even the rhythm. Moving the thorax through breathing is just lovely.
A question however, is exhaling through the mouth unimportant in this exercise.
Thank you!! Good Tutorial!!
Wonderful tutorial Deborah. Please come back and share more. Great cues, especially antennae on the head!
Great cues , loved it , thank you for sharing Deborah
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This is beautiful!!!!!
Deborah Lessen, you are AWESOME! :)
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Thank you Deborah- this is fantastic! And thank you Niedra too!
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Thank you Deborah a fantastic tutorial! Especailly the part about it being energetic and not a position/shape. Love the image of the antennae on the top of head too. Great model thanks to Niedra too & looking forward to more please!
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love it, a true Master educator,thank you Madam Lessen.
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Wow, that was excellent! I love the idea of a line of energy and not a position ! Thank you!
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Thank you for addressing the long hypermobile neck and re visiting proper flexion imprinting head to tail connection
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