Mat Fundamentals<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2520

Mat Fundamentals
Amy Havens
Class 2520

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Oh Amy. You've really broken new ground with this one. The split screen gives a perfect view of spinal alignment and proprioception, your progressions through first basics to full movement are inspired and your careful instruction and cueing are a gift for the novice through to the expert. A huge thank you from me and on behalf of all my clients who are going to benefit from this class
Charles.....THANK YOU for such a genuine comment. I can't express my gratitude enough for this feedback!
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Awesome! Surprisingly hard. Thanks, as always. Your instruction is so very helpful to me. I will be referring back to this a few times a week.
Thank you Lori.....very happy to hear that this class gave you some clear direction!
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Very good ,the split screen and close up are very helpful to see the proper alignment
Thank you John Naughton--- and, as I watch back at my own classes from time to time, this one is a favorite of mine too. I have to recognize that my alignment--- of course -- is not perfect! But with our ability to provide the split screen view, I think we teachers can really see and are given an opportunity to look for what we intuitively already see when we look at our students. For newer teachers, this split screen can help them tune into the 'seeing' maybe and provide more instruction and guidance, not always having to provide more choreography!
Fabulous video. I am a longtime Pilates student recovering from lumbar compression. Neuropathic pain radiating down the front of my leg. Physio has given the go ahead for very basic Pilates again. I've been away from it for 3 months. This was excellent any other videos you recommend to aid in my rehab?
Thank you so much!
Hi Danielle, so glad to hear you're on the mend! Anything from Brent Anderson will surely be perfect for you at this time!
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The split screen options are great and thank you Amy! xoxo
Ira , thank you!
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