Three-Dimensional Motion<br>Juan Nieto<br>Class 2555

Three-Dimensional Motion
Juan Nieto
Class 2555

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Excellent class! Thank you. Please do more.
Juan, you are a great instructor! Please come back soon. I am learning so much in your classes.
I liked the beginning, but with bad knees it soon becomes impossible.
Felicidades Juan , tu clase ha sido inspiradora y has dado muy buenas indicaciones para mejorar plant position.
More of Juan in PilastesAnytime.
The next in spanish.Why not?
thank you
all the best to the pilates community
Gracias Juan Nieto por tu excelente trabajo y didáctica por eso que te diferencia de otros que hace que el Pilates sea aún más interesante cada día, q suerte tenerte por España ;D, un besito
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Muchas Gracias Juan.
As a Polestar instructor and a runner,
I tried to do your workshop so many times but since I'm in Mozambique I never made it.
So I was so happy to find you here.
Great exercises and fun.
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Juan- Thank you for your insight. What a fun class. I have been wanting to do this for a while. Question- in the prone position single leg kick- like ex- are you actually asking the gluts to contract or is it more of anchoring the hips and almost a co-contraction of abs and gluts all at the same time? I work to keep my clients from overusing their gluts in the prone position as sometimes it takes them into too much lumbar extension. Does this question make sense?
Again, Gracias my friend!
Aline B
Muy buena Juan! Muchas gracias!!!
Carolina D
Me ha encantado Juán. Que alegría ver a españoles por estos lares. Felicidades, está genial como te explicas.
Un abrazo y espero ver más cosas tuyas. Mil gracias.
I had wonderfully achy legs the day after I did this class!
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