Oov Discussion<br>Daniel V. & Brent A.<br>Discussion 2558

Oov Discussion
Daniel V. & Brent A.
Discussion 2558

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Awesome! Thankyou Daniel and Pilates Anytime for the introduction to Oov and new dimensions of movement possibilities, self awareness and learning. So looking forward to now experiencing Oov.
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Another great interview Kristi! Thank you Daniel for your invention, and sharing your wealth of information regarding the Oov's development.
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And thanks to Brent too!
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Thank you Kristi and Pilates Anytime for introducing Daniel and his invention of the Oov with us...looking so forward to trying it out and very excited that this may be the answer to many of my challenges in movement .. God bless you and all Glory to God who created mankind in His image and likeness! The human body truly is His masterpiece!
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What a great set of videos! I was first introduced to the Oov last fall at a workshop with Daniel and Brent. I saw it again in action at the PMA and then took Daniel's 2 day workshop. I have since been using it myself and with clients. Brilliant! I'm addicted!
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This seems to be such an exciting approach to functional movement. Any chance for a workshop with Daniel or Brent on using the Oov? Please???
Tina ~ We're so glad you like it! We don't have a workshop right now, but we have another class coming soon. We hope you enjoy it!
Fantastic! I must admit, I was reluctant at first about another "prop" or tool, but I took Daniel's workshop and have been using the OOV myself for 4 months and I'm seeing wonderful results!
Hi Tina,
there are a number of courses scheduled to teach Daniel's coursework through PolestarPilates.com. He will be back in the USA to teach in November for sure in Miami and other cities will be posted. so glad you enjoyed the Oov it is amazing.
My clients and I love the Oov. We use it with mat, reformer, chair, trap table, reformer-tower, even the Orbit. The Oov makes everything resonate!
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