Oov Stability and Balance<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Class 2562

Oov Stability and Balance
Daniel Vladeta
Class 2562

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Marissa C  
The Oov comes in 3 sizes, S, M and L.
The size is stamped on the small end of the Oov.
The Oovs don't just get bigger as the sizes go up, but also firmer.
So we size people not just on height but also weight.

The Oov material is much softer and more dynamic than a foam roller, and should definitely feel so if sized correctly.
When they are new they can be firmer, but soften up with use.

Please consult the size guide either on Balanced Body's website our our own, www.theoov.com to find your correct size.
Next please watch the positioning videos for the Oov here on Pilates Anytime.
Sizing and Positioning are the 2 most important things when using an Oov.
After that, the design of the Oov and material do the rest.
I hope this helps

Barbara O
great class, hope to see more like this
Oh wow that was a surprisingly tough but fantastic class. It felt like i was isolating areas but without actually restricting anything. The only thing i didn't like was being in prone cos of the pulsating in the stomach. But my lumbar spine feels so good and under the ribs more room. 
OMG! Can't believe I don't have tension on my HP . They actually feel more relax now than at the beginning of the class! Thank you!

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Woah this helped me release that diafragm like I never felt before 🤩 just breathing in the last exercice my diafragm and abd were shaking like a leaf. Thank you so mch!
More Oov mat classes please!
Wow! What an amazing invention. I am so in love with the OOV. I have a slight scoliosis so it’s very challenging to stabilize on one side. But I think this is going to help me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to try it with my clients 
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