Mat Workout
Daniel Vladeta
Class 2562

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ouuuu yessss, simple but DEEP :D
I really like my OOV but have one problem. When doing the roll back type exercises, I find that I slide forward not the OOV but my pants don't. Sort of the same issue that can occur with Stomach Massage on the Reformer. Any hints on how to prevent this?
Just did the whole class. Fun! Fun! Fun!
I really enjoyed the class.
BTW, I felt so different in my golf game after the Oov workshop in Hong Kong.
Hitting the ball longer and easier.
Thank you so much!
After having watched this class twice in the past few days, I just ordered my Oov from Balanced Body. I hope that Daniel will be back.... soon.... to tape some more Oov mat classes at level 2 !!!
I feel so alive after using the Oov. Great Class. Thank you Daniel Vladeta
Such an amazing tool! If you are loving the class, you should REALLY consider a course as you will gain even a GREATER appreciation for it. I think all courses are now on or It has changed the way I practice more than any other tool.
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Please please please provide additional Oov classes that show a variety of approaches!
Beth ~ Elizabeth Larkam recently taught a new Mat workout with the Oov. I hope you enjoy it!
I love the addition of the Oov to my Pilates practice. I have a lumbar fusion L3 through L5 and minor scoliosis in the thoracic region. This feels so good and I’m sure it’s strengthening me in ways I never imagined. I will be back for this one again and again for sure. Please bring more. 🎈❤️
Just got an Oov after hearing so many positive things about it. This class was a great introduction. Far more challenging than I imagined and I feel really great afterwards. Can’t wait to introduce this to my clients and explore its versatility. Will be looking for more creative uses !
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