Knee Stretches Illuminated
Wendy L.
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Your coaching and teaching inspire deeper thinking. Thank you!
Amy is such a skilled and sensitive mover--thank you.
Hi Jen and Mindi, thank you for taking the time to give feedback on my session with Amy. It was special to explore these powerful movements together, and deepen Amy's sensitive awareness to her deep intelligence moving her!
Thank you Wendy. The ' waterfall and lift' definitely helped to achieve a deeper connection. I had to use a pillow between heels and seat bones to achieve the 'deep' seat today as my knee did not want to cooperate at first. I am looking forward to your next tutorial.
Thank you, Wendy! I learnt why and how to use props; the "down the back, and up in the front" helps understanding "just enough effort" in the movement; the progression of Knee Stretches; and importance of nourishing the body through movement. Looking forward to your next video!
I love how you paint images, Wendy...they're so beautifully descriptive!
Thank you, Valya...what is so powerful about these images is that they were taught to me by my body's deep intelligence...they are "human movement" patterns that is "language" from our body wisdom, xwendy
Thank you, you are noticing, we are engaging with our body's wisdom, which is our "fascial" connection with our environment. This awareness allows us to use "just enough effort" for the movement because of our relationship with the reformer, gravity and spatial orientation. We are moving from "exercising to energizing" which is much more nourishing and restorative!
Thank you, Doris, I am so happy you got value from how I was cueing Amy in this tutorial. What you will notice is that UPLIFT occurs in her body through how she is allowing her spine through her head to release forward toward her hands, so that her shoulder blades can "waterfall down her back toward her heels". This distinction unweights your knees, from inner ankle to inner thigh, along the front of your spine, to your inner ear. Why I am reviewing this distinction with you is...use just enough inflation in the ball or the right size pillow to create a "feeling" of uplift, from foot to head, rather than squeezing the ball or pillow. This is an important distinction of our 3Core Connections Embodied Perspective, which changes the prop from something "doing something to you" to "just enough stimulation that your body wisdom wakes up"...see what you notice!
I'll try this as I can't ever understand this exercise. Are you holding yourself from the upper body then? Or is it a abdominal exercise
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