Runity: Pilates for Runners
Juan Nieto
Workshop 2609

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As a previous running instructor and now studio teacher, I loved this workshop. It brought the world of Pilates beautifully into the world of running including hip strength, pelvic stability, foot and ankle strength, cadence and plyometrics.
I will be trying the nervous system cadence exercises over the next couple of weeks.
Thank you Juan.

N.b. Just a niggle with the system, despite watching it end to end, it thinks I haven't watched it, so I'm unable to attempt the quiz!
We're so sorry you had trouble with the quiz Louise. That should not be happening. I assume it is an easy solution, but all looks correct on my end so unfortunately, I don't know what that solution is. On Monday, Gia will be in touch with you for more detail so we can address the issue. Thank you for letting us know!
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Fantastic workshop. Thank you PA for this!
Louise ~ I'm sorry you had trouble taking the quiz. I have updated your account so you should be able to access it without a problem. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this workshop!
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All sorted! Quiz done. Thanks so much PA. Great workshop and consolidating quiz. Fantastic to piece together the elasticity of the body/ with strength of stabilisers and how it fits together to organise biomechanics.
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Loved the workshop! My son and I just went for a run yesterday and he was asking me which part of the foot should be landing first. I gave the heel, ball, toe response. I now have so much more information for him. Thank you, Juan!

I just went to take the quiz and it told me I had only watched 44% of the video. I've watched the entirety... what do you suggest (same problem as Louise)?
Zoe ~ We are happy that you enjoyed this workshop! I have updated your account so you should be able to take the quiz without a problem.
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I just watched all 4 parts and can't wait to try these techniques on myself and clients. For some I can't take the quiz because it shows I did not watch each one in its entirety when in fact I did?? Please advise.
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Laurie ~ I have updated your account so you can take the quiz. I hope you enjoyed this workshop!
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What a brilliant workshop, thank you! I am also unable to take the quizz despite watching all 4 parts, if you can please update the system. Thanks
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