Injury Prevention for Sports<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2633

Injury Prevention for Sports
Ed Botha
Class 2633

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Awesome! I loved it!
Julie O
Aces athletic conditioning class, really enjoyed it. It definitely highlighted a few things I really need to work on - R side plank with adduction caused me some grief on the inside of the knee and I noticed I was sickeling ... L side was fine. I always thought my R was stronger but it appears its just very good at cheating! More more more please
Awesome Ed. I would like to "get rid of my piriformis muscles." Overused due to the need to strengthen other glute muscles. I'm much better than I was a few years ago but still struggle with overuse. Thanks for this workout.
Love this workout Ed, it is very much like the bunkie tests from the Lyno practice in Claremont in Cape Town. We are a small pilates studip based in Plett. Feel free to pop down on holiday and teach a guest class or two :)
also loved it you're the best there is
wonderful class and a teacher
I survived and I love it!!!!!
Maria P
A great class to make you stronger for whatever you're facing during the day (not just just sports activities). I modified by using a chair for the shoulder shrugs, a large ball for the face down thoracic extensions, and yoga block for the side planks, and still got a good workout. I did it at the beginning of the day, otherwise the more challenging exercises would have made me tired (hahaha). Thank you, Ed!
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