Active Prenatal Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2698

Active Prenatal Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2698

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I am always thrilled to see your videos! Your creativity is so uniquely expressed in all of your pilates classes. Your material is a great source for many of my clients and students alike. Much happiness to you and your new bundle of joy! that will definitely bring many blessings into your life!!
Thanks Courtney. You are amazing!
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This was great! Very helpful for my personal workout as well as my work with expectant mommies! Congrats on your little baby!
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I agree with everybody: Courtney, you are amazing. Congratulations to your baby! I hope all is well.
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Courtney Miller, congratulations! You are looking beautiful. amazing class.
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I felt amazing during and after this class Courtney thank you!
Theresa L
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Great class as always! Thanks Courtney. You look amazing! Enjoy the little baby and keep us posted.
Especially enjoyed the straddle squat arm work - with heel lifts...! Awesome.
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Courtney, since joining I have faithfully followed your postings! I get so excited when I see a new class from you! I can't believe this message might even be read by you!! Ahhh you are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for being an amazing role model to so many!! Pilates is transformative. Your practice shines with positive energy!! All of your classes are done with so much intention, humble confidence and just a bright positive light!! Thank you kindly for all you do for the world of Pilates!
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Any chance you could do another prenatal mat?
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As always creative and challenging
Im not pregnant and i was sweating haha balance has always been a challenge for me with bad hips
Thankyou and congrats on thebaby
Cya soon :)
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