Ladder Barrel Flexibility<br>Michael King<br>Class 2704

Ladder Barrel Flexibility
Michael King
Class 2704

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I started this video and just finished in a minute!
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Love it....thank you....hitting all the spots in an amazing sequence
Thank you for the comments really makes my day that people our style of teaching
Loved it! I can't wait until my Ladder Barrell arrives this month so that I can put these techniques to work! 
"Movement is only limited by imagination..."  Brilliant!   Loved this.  Thank you. 
It's cardio, flexibility, strength and control exercise! I enjoyed a lot! Thanks! 
That feels very good, thank you! Great as always )
Beautiful sequence Michael, thankyou for sharing :)

Ur Ladder Barrell and entire choreography of Wunda chair and mat is my salvation
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