Cadillac for Weight Lifters<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2754

Cadillac for Weight Lifters
Karen Sanzo
Class 2754

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Please please please Karen could you do another Mat level 2 for those of us who don't have any pilates equipment :) ....I love your straightforward and fun way of teaching !
Karen you are really a wonderful teacher of movement ! I learn so much from watching you..Very grateful to Pilates Anytime for this opportunity to learn from Teachers I would otherwise not have access to..Also on a side hug EVER from your daughter :)
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I'm like a child in Christmas every time a new Karen Sanzo video is uploaded! I have learned so much from you and thank you and your lovely family for helping me and expanding my Pilates understanding and practice.
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Always a big fan, looking forward for more tutorials and lessons.

Now I am wondering how many more gorgeous kids will we be able to enjoy watching ?

Just envy here, my kids didn't want to do IT
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Josie ~ Karen has a Mat class coming soon as well! I hope you enjoy it once it's on the site!
I love the new videos with you working with yourkids! How neat to see the loving relationship between you! Fabulous teaching, as always! I wanna be like Karen Sanzo when I grow up!
Karen Sanzo
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I am delighted to share Nora with you!! She has made amazing progress. AND AND me, too. I just watched this fully. I am calmer and less her request. I am still me. I still get excited. Goodness I am excited and happy most of the time. Thanks for all the comments. Stay patient in your practice.
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Awe! I loved that end hug! This was an amazing little work out for me as I too am a weightlifter. I will be doing this one again. Thank you so much !
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Wow, way to go Nora! That first hanging was amazing - i didn't make it. Your mom is such an excellent teacher - keep it up both of you!
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Thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful videos!
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