Reformer Workout
Karen Sanzo
Class 2757

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Another great one! Thanks Karen. Please keep filming!
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Excellent partnership of teacher and student. It is great to listen to Karen cue and see the response from Eric. Karen's classes and workshops offer so much information. Fabulous!
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Karen's cuing is the best!
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sweetest first comments. Thank you all!! It was fun. Eric has been working hard, for sure. I wish you could have seen him a few months ago.
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Great workout. Lots to think about in terms of slowing movements down, using lighter springs and unilaterals. I'll look out for your next video. Thanks
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Every mother's dream! Wonderful workout Karen and Eric! Lots of great ideas for classes :)
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Great variations and challenges!
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Love your approach, clear and concise cueing and helpful info on setup. Great info as starting points for those of us who teach longer, stronger athletic bodies less often. Thank you both for a really informative session and well done Eric!
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Amazing program and love the cueings!!!
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As per usual great class. Thanks, Karen
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