Innovative Tower Flow
Jenna Zaffino
Class 2776

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i really loved it!!!!!
Thank you uber much Jenna! Your practice is beautiful like you, keep smiling. I loved the flow and breath work:)
Excellent instruction Jenna! Loved the creative new pieces! Floating cat is amazing...tapped into a brand new feeling. Thank you for your inspiration!
fun class..loved the floating cat..the feedback on the push-thru bar feels awesome. Also , enjoying your are on a roll congrats!!
So many little (+big) gems in this one.....loved the opening sequence over the tower, hand in back pocket with neck sequence, floating cat sequence, canoe teaser (wow), and crazy walking ! thank you!
Thanks Jenna. Used my cadillac and did some small adjustments for beginning sequence. The floating cat feedback into upstretch is so awesome! Thank you for being you!
I love your energy, I love your style and authenticity. Beautiful, fluid movement...are you a dancer?
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
Great flowing workout . . . Loved it!
Beautifully paced and executed workout. Thank you for the nice use of the push thru bar with and without the spring.
Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for our Pilates body. I will remember to end every session with gratitude!!
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