Mat for Triathletes
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 2789

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Great class to start my day! Thank you !
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Funny last night I was trying to come up with new exercises to work the lateral plane. I woke up did the class and all I can say is WOW perfect timing!. Also your classes have been some of my favorite PA classes so far. Your cueing is great and you have a very calming voice.
Thank you, Susanna! You made my day :)
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Oh that was awesome! I almost did not do it because I did not have a bolster. I used a little pillow from my bed and it seemed to do the trick. And for the series of five I actually used my squishy Pilates ball...pretty challenging because it's so unstable. Thank you so much !
Thanks for the tri mat! Love it...
Glad you improvised, Connie!
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Great Class!
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Thank you Carrie, lo ley class. Lo de the the thera band exercises, well, the whole class!
Thank you for a wonderful well balanced class. I enjoyed it and will use the bolster work with my matt class this week. I really felt a deeper connection in my abdominals using the bolster for the abdominal series! I also added it to my triathlete husbands workout playlist.
Awesome, Joanna!
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