Side Lying Mat Modifications
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2815

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Hi Sherri,
I came back to this tutorial because it is time again to work on bone-density with my classes.. In the side-lying, elbow -propped exercises, I usually have some people who scream that their shoulders hurt. The candidates with tension and not enough strength in the rotator cuff... Do you have a good cue for them? Maybe one that I haven´t thought of?
I often just set them up in the appropriate shoulder alignment and then just hold or have them sink and lift without lifting the hips to build the strength and endurance of the rotator cuff. If that is still too much I will place a soft ball under their rib cage to give them some extra support and have them hold the position and just lift the top leg for sidekick without lifting the pelvis until they are stronger. Then we progress to bending the bottom knee and using the top hand to help to lift the pelvis.
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thank you, - perfect!
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love this thank you
I love Sherri's teaching style, so much information delivered succinctly and simply. Thank you
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Really great movements and smooth instruction!  Love it, Thank you.
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