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I was with you all the way, except when it came to the side plank. You said "the tail bone counters the wheels" however it seems they're both going in a forward motion to bring the pelvis "up and forward" ( @ 19.24 min in video)Kristi questions "which way is the tail bone?" So, how is the tail bone countering the wheels if they're both going forward? Thank you.
Hi Amy,
Thanks for your question. If the tail and the sitbone both go forward, we’re just tucking the pelvis into a posterior tilt. In clear hip extension the sacrum and Ilia(pelvic halve or “wheels”) counter each other to have movement at the SI joint for dynamic force absorption. In hip extension the tail(the bottom of the sacrum) goes forward and the sit one goes in towards the midline of the body ( outflair of the pelvic half and slightly back relative to the forward moving tail) It’s subtle but pretty profound once really felt and embodied. Read Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery By Eric Franklin. The chapter on the pelvis will elaborate. Be well and all the best!
Got it ! Thank you! I watched Eric on the Embodied Yoga Summit yesterday and that was also helpful.
Fantastic tutorial! I was the guilty party when it came to overbracing on sidekicks and generally was having trouble with every version of the exercise. The cueing with the wheel helps tremendously! Thanks a lot!
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Thank you Ivan! Good to hear the imagery helped you feel dynamic stability over bracing, good job!! Be well and keep up the good work!
Never heard nutation explained so well. the wheel prop helped! Going to look at this several more times! Thanks so much Tom!
Thank you Dina!
Great to hear you found it clear and useful! All the best to you😊🙏
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