Connecting to your Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 2829

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Thank you Jacquie! So happy you loved the cues xx~LL
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Good class. Thank you. :)
Hi Heather! Thank you for watching:) xx~LL
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Wow Lesley Logan, amazing Long Stretch Series! I really enjoyed your cues. l loved the Up Stretch! and then, lovely Tree exercise. You gave me the key of the exercise by saying leave the waist on the box but lift your chest toward your knee,...simply amazing, THANK YOU!
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Judit, I love how that cue feels on the Tree so I am so happy you felt it too! Long stretch is one of my absolute fav's. It requires so much more than meets the eye. Well, I guess that is actually what all of Pilates is! Thank you for your comment and for watching. xx~LL
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loved this!
Thanks Mary! That makes me so happy:)
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Great class Lesley! I love how descriptive your cueing is. You are such an inspiration!
Thank you for watching Sheri! I love this work so much and it thrills me that you enjoyed my class. xx~LL
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Thank you Lesley! Wow! Those one leg cirlces (single foot in strap) near the end were super challenging. Eye opening goodness there! You are an amazing teacher! Looking forward to more classes with you!
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