Chest Opening Mat<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 2862

Chest Opening Mat
Sally Anderson
Class 2862

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After taking this lovely little class (always great to have a 30 min one in my rotation for those days when that's all the time I have) I went back and discovered a class you taught in July 2015. These are both 1/2....any chance of a 2/3 mat being filmed?
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Class 2242 was delightful too. Thank you.
Sally Anderson
Thanks for your comments Joni Nichols :) I have a L2 class already on here #1958 that you might like to try and then yes, I think a good strong 2/3 class can be on the agenda for next time! Happy holidays!
Noted! Thank you Joni and as always, thank you Sally!
I commented on class 1958 when I took it nearly 2 years ago. Thank you for the reply to my question about foot position in the side lying position. ;)
Sally Anderson
Oh apologies Joni! Thank you for taking my classes and the taking the time to comment. Kristi's got it noted and I'm keen, so will work on a 2/3 to come :)
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Great class really enjoyed it and needed to open my chest and shoulders this afternoon 😊 to much texting on the go 🤔😳
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Thanks Sal, exactly what I needed after weeks of carrying the kids around (holidays!!). Loved all the forearm focus, saw variation and reverse spine stretch seated. I'd be keen for a level 2/3 class for next time too!
Julia K
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Awesome class Sally! Thank you
Thank you Sally Anderson great work out.
Great to access to you. Denitta
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