Cadillac Workout
Juan Nieto
Class 2869

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Great cueing. My whole back feels relaxed and in alignment. My neck has more range of motion too. Best way to start the day! Thanks!!
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Beautiful!! so fres and educativ
thank you very much.
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Fabulous....really appreciate the detailed cueing thankyou
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I've always been extremely limited with my own thoracic extension and this work felt great. Very well explained and demonstrated as well as good touch cuiing. Thank you!
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Wow, - really intense work! I watched the class first and then did it myself while listening and glancing at the display.. Even though nobody gave me the nice touch for proprioception - it worked a lot for me, and I think it already helped to imagine somebody would tap or push my back.. Very, very helpful and creative! Great class and amazing teacher!! Thank you!
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Amazing Work!
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Wow my thoracic spine feels so much longer and more mobile! Thank you! One question, for the deep squat, if heels lift up right at the end of the movement is that ok or is there a cue which would help keep the heels down when you get right into the deep squat?
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if i put my leg over someone..i'd be arrested..xo
Hi Nic, thanks for your comment. As you are hanging in the bar, let your body weight to drop your heels down. You can also move away from the tower bar so you have more room for your ankle dorsiflexion. Gradually you can move closer to the cadillac as you achieve more dorsiflexion.
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