Christmas Morning Surprise<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2883

Christmas Morning Surprise
Meredith Rogers
Class 2883

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Ticked all the boxes!!! Great class, happy Christmas 🌲
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With all the busy.... I did half of this on Christmas morning and half the day after Christmas. But I got it in and I loved it! thank you and merry Christmas ! So pleased to have the gift of Pilates anytime !
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Loved this class focusing on core strength and stability. Especially over the over indulgent season. Merry Christmas.
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aaawwwwww!! Love it! Thank you!
Merry Christmas "Meri" and the rest oft the girls!
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There are level 2/3 and there are level 2/3. This was one of THOSE level 2/3. :) Just as challenging 3 days after Christmas as it was Christmas morning for sure!! Love "spending the holidays" with you.
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Really fun and challenging class! A little late - did it on New Years eve
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Perfect class for the New Year too! Thanks...loved it and will take more of your classes! Happy New Year!!
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A very merry Christmas class indeed. Loved it!
thanks! Have been doing YogaAnytime classes and now trying PilatesAnytime too. Great way to start with such a fun and upbeat class!
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Great class! So smooth and fluid!
I'd love a transcript of this class [others too!].
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