Grounding and Centering Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2889

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AWESOME Class from new student (with yoga, dance, and limited stott pilates background stuff)! Thanks!
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Crazy fun Pilates!
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I'm preparing for a contemporary dance work performing on a skateboard so l want to play with going off and on balance with my pilates work.
I loved the simple things like, shoulder bridge rolling down on one side of the spine, the flow of the transition into open leg rocker and the sequence of side push ups.
Thanks for your class :)
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Thanks Amy! I enjoyed playing with you in this class :)
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Fantastic class! Thank you for sharing!
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By the end of class, my neck was so relaxed. Thank you! The class went by so quickly because it was so fun.
Thank you all so very much!

North Frank: Welcome to Pilates Anytime!!!

Melissa Jones: Sounds like a really cool dance piece! Let me know how it goes! So glad you enjoyed some of these movement explorations!
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Thoroughly enjoyed this class Amy....thank you. I admire your teaching skills, so very clear in your instruction while being wonderfully supportive.
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Hi Amy, thanks so much for this class.This felt so good and the relaxed tone and atmosphere helped too!
Thank you Brett Miller and Denee Dow!
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