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Zoey Trap
Class 2899

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Love your class, very dynamic. Great ideas to substitute reformer at home.
Poor woman's reformer. Ha. That was my first and only reformer! I knew many of the components from other classes on PA but there was sooo much that was new as well. This class just moved and moved and moved!! Thank you.
Thank you Joni! It's amazing what you can do with props!
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I love the exercises but it was very hard to follow the instructions. I had to keep an eye constantly on the screen so I couldn't really focus on the flow.
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Thank you Ditte, that is a good observation. It is hard to keep flow and give a lot of detail, and I opted to show more exercises and rely on visuals. Next time maybe I will do it differently. Thanks for sharing!
You might want to consider taking the class a second time Ditte. Like you, I found many of the transitions from one exercise to the next very quick. The second time I took the class it was much easier. I found using my large ball 75cm ball (which is appropriate for my height) for all the exercises was frustrating. Once I substituted a second smaller ball for many of the positions I was far more successful! Hope this helps you enjoy this creative and yes, fast moving class. :)
We are using a 65cm in the shoot
Wow that was the quickest 27 minutes- fun class!
Fantastic workout with the ball! Works every area smoothly.
I loved this so much. Thank you, Zoey and Connie!
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