Reformer on the Cadillac<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2925

Reformer on the Cadillac
Monica Wilson
Class 2925

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Gerri M
I don't do enough Tower in my own practice so I adopted a lot of the Cadillac work to the Tower and it always makes my body feel so good! Thanks for an excellent class
Amazing teacher .I learn so much from you Monica.
Thank you for this great class.
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I like Monica Wilson workout...but, I must be honest, I do not like the client with chewing gum doing exercises. So sorry, I can't obviate.
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Laura, thank you for this comment and we'll make sure to have all students double check regarding the gum chewing.
Thanks Laura!
Monica Wilson
Thanks Laura! Surprised I missed that
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies for all the wonderful feedback on this class! Monica:)
I really enjoyed this workout although I have only completed half of it... the Gratz springs (yours!) are amazing...Great job, Juliana, in the hands of a great teacher! I will finish this class soon... can't wait for the last 20 minutes! sounds like big things are waiting for me!
I agree great workout but where was the breathing.. client chewing gum throughout entire workout!
Caroline B
This was an amazing workout your cues, your physical assists and adjustments great.
Thank you.
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