Biotensegrity in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2944

Biotensegrity in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2944

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Thank you Eugenia and Sandy. So glad this class works for you. It has been years since I taught in Russia - I look forward to returning. Yes Sandy, we'll have an April reunion in London at Pilates on Tour with my 2017 Pilates Anytime repertoire. See you there!
Thanks Elizabeth this class is incredible, so many new ideas, love foam roller, side box, standing hip variations, the cueing, and the unitard, and the 2nd camera was helpful. You are such an inspiration!
I love this class, I often use the lateral translation that you taught during a workshop in Dallas with Karen Sanzo. It really helps clients "unstick" their rib cage for better bridging and roll ups..Not to mention a multitude of other positive reinforcements and awakenings for the body.
The overhead camera perspective is incredibly helpful with attaining good form in this wonderful class!
Thank you Brenda! I remember our Dallas workshop in Karen's wonderful studio. Reformer class # 1016 from 2013 has the lateral translation move you describe as the first exercise. The 2017 reformer class takes that idea and puts it in quadruped with trunk rotation. You could use the supine exercise to prepare for the quadruped abdominals, making them more precise, effective and intense. Hello to everyone at Karen's
I feel so much more mobile, engaged in my deep stabilizers and my nerves are flossed! Thank you so much for your intelligent class.
Thank you so much, Elizabeth, and Pilates Anytime! A wonderful class from an excellent teacher--very challenging, particularly,for me, in the standing work .
Beautiful work as always Elizabeth I love these spirals and the set ups are amazing..who would had thunk it?? One question? do you feel some of these are safe options for the Osteo clients? Cant wait for your next visit to PA!
Good question Jamie. The quadruped abdominals with the box to the side of the frame ought to be safe in the lateral translations on both knees and each knee. I think it would be wise to avoid the variations that involve rotation of the pelvis and lumbar spine with respect to the shoulder girdle. These require loaded spine flexion.and rotation, movements that place compressive forces on vertebral bodies. The standing variations standing at the foot bar end of the reformer can be practiced with the spine in neutral. Provide support for standing balance by using a portable barre or pole. During supine feet in the loops avoid the Short Spine Strretch as that involves loaded thoracic flexion.
Thank you for another unique class challenging for body and mind. You talk about improving medial hip glide in the standing exercises. ..Is that the sit bone of the raised leg pointing down toward medial malleolus of standing leg creating medial hip glide in the standing support leg. ..did I understand that correctly? Great class thanks!
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