HIIT Reformer Fusion 2
Courtney Miller
Class 2986

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Absolutely amazing I love this work out! Can't wait to share some of these gems with my clients.
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I love this! Just what I needed to add that extra umph I've been looking for not only in my practice but what I teach my students. Thank you soo much
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Courtney you are my new favorite teacher! What a great class
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Super great class but I noticed in the first HITT set...on the teaser oblique twists (1B spring) we didn't do the other side. So at the end I evened it out.
You're fabulous as always and I always look forward to new classes posted by you!
Jasmin Sykes you are so right! I totally cheated... LOL! I'm glad you caught that and evened out. Hugs to you and thanks for for doing my class!
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Awesome!! Love this!
Loved it!!!! Want to see more of these type of classes !!!
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LOVE the Athletic class, PERFECT in everyway!!!
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Courtney Miller you ROCK! Your creativity along with the intensity, flow and athletic style make you an all time favorite! Looking forward to Part 3!
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Courtney Such a killer class. Very creative and fun. Thank you so much.
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